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Age Delay – Skin Beauty
*   Helps preserve firmness and elasticity of the skin
*   Protects cells from free radicals: age prevention
*   Participates in physiological collagen formation 
*   Contributes to pigment regulation of the skin for an even and glowing complexion

* High-end, anti-aging food supplement. The only supplement acting on prevention and repair through the stimulation of skin cells (fibroblasts)
* Morning and Night action: 2 in 1 product
* All anti‐aging ingredients assembled into a single formula, the most complete product of its category.

Recommended For
All women starting from 35 years of age. Combined with skincare creams.

Mechanism of Action
* Hyalurogène 600 LPM™ complex: active ingredients promoting hydration,nutrition, elasticity, and firmness of the dermis (Collagen used by the NHCO nutrition laboratories has been proven to stimulate the production of collagen by the body).
* Resvénium™  complex: powerful antioxidants actively helping to fight against free radicals  (pollution, stress, UV, …), which is largely responsible for skin aging.
*  ZnSkin-Chélaté complex: Zinc and  vit.  C for skin complexion (stain resistant).
* Hyalurogène 600 LPM™complex: promotes hydration (see Morning)
* Elastorepair VitaGH™ complex: amino acids, collagen and elastin precursors.
Combined with other specific amino acids stimulating the youth hormone and promoting tissue reconstruction.
*  Skin  Complexion:  Copper and Tagetes erecta contributing to skin pigmentation for an even complexion.

* Pregnant or nursing women 


"Recommended Use
1st month : 2 white gel capsule At Rise , 2 browm gel capsules At Bedtime
Following months : 1 white gel capsule At Rise , 1 browm gel capsule At Bedtime

* Pregnant or nursing women "

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