Versa 2™ Health and Fitness Smartwatch - Stone / Mist Grey Aluminium

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Elevate your day with Fitbit Versa 2 - the health & fitness smartwatch with 24/7 heart rate tracking, Sleep Score, apps and more, all in a premium design.



  1. 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking:
    Get continuous heart rate tracking, follow trends over time & see real-time heart rate zones.
  2. Music Experience:
    Control your Spotify app and add Deezer playlists—plus store and play 300+ songs on your wrist.
  3. Sleep Score:
    Based on your heart rate, time asleep and restlessness, this personalised score helps you better understand your sleep quality each night.
  4. Apps:
    Access your favourite apps for fitness, sports, news, travel, transport and more with a simple tap.
  5. Smartphone Notifications:
    See call, text or calendar notifications on screen and get push notifications from your favourite apps. Available when your phone is nearby.
  6. Always-On Display Mode:
    See real-time exercise stats and check the time with just a glance—even when your hands are full. Turn off to be more discreet.
  7. 6+ Day Battery Life:
    With a long battery life of 6+ days, Versa 2 tracks your morning, night & everything in between.
  8. On-Screen Workouts:
    Get on-screen workouts that play on your wrist and coach you through each move.
  9. All-Day Activity:
    Track steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time.
  10. Water Resistant & Tracks Swims:
    Track your pool workouts with a swimproof case that’s water resistant to 50 metres.
  11. Real-Time Pace and Distance:
    Learn more about your runs and hikes by connecting to your phone's GPS to see pace and distance on display, plus get a map of your route in the Fitbit app.
  12. Bluetooth®:
    Connect your watch to wireless Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favourite tunes - without the wires.
  13. 15+ Exercise Modes:
    Track specific workouts in modes like run, bike or weights to see real-time stats on screen & get post-workout summaries.
  14. SmartTrack®:
    Automatically record select exercises like swimming, running, aerobic workouts and more & see your stats in the Fitbit app.
  15. Female Health:
    Use your smartwatch with the Fitbit app to log your period, record symptoms & compare your cycle against other health stats like sleep, activity and weight.
  16. Personalised Reminders:
    Stay on track towards your goals with personalised reminders that remind you to stay active, get hydrated, stick to a sleep schedule and more.
  17. Sleep Tracking & Stages:
    See your time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages & get tips to help you improve.
  18. Cardio Fitness Level:
    Get a better understanding of your fitness level and see how you can improve over time with a personalised cardio fitness score.
  19. Guided Breathing Sessions:
    Find moments of calm throughout your day with personalised breathing sessions based on your heart rate.
  20. Customisable Clock Faces:
    Personalise the hi-res colour touchscreen on your smartwatch by choosing from a variety of clock faces designed for any occasion.
  21. Syncs Wirelessly:
    Sync stats wirelessly & automatically to computers and 200+ leading iOS and Android devices.
  22. Accessory Bands:
    Change your look with classic, leather, metal and woven accessory bands.
  23. Lightweight Design
    Designed with a super-light aluminium case, Versa 2 is comfortable enough to wear all day and night.
  24. Dashboard:
    Set goals, track progress and get a more complete picture of your health and fitness - all on the Fitbit app.
  25. Hi-Res Touchscreen:
    Amplified brightness up to 1,000 nits & durable screen made from Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.

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