Dear #VVCpeople,

We hope you are doing amazingly and keeping safe during these challenging times that our beloved country is going through!

You have no doubt already witnessed a high increase in prices of many local and imported products, we tried our best and spent all our efforts to maintain the prices as reasonable as possible in order to support you in this economic crisis that is affecting all of us!
We have dedicated ourselves, with full sincerity, passion and commitment, to helping our beautiful community during these challenging times in every possible way, but today, due to the constant daily changes, we have failed to keep up with the exploding unbearable prices, and decided sorrowfully to pull back from the Lebanese market for now, and take the time to restructure the path to be pursued according to your needs, expectations, and the market's shifts.
Unfortunately this decision had to be taken after thorough thoughts and careful consideration of the prevailing situation and the difficult economic conditions.

We thank you for your loyalty and continuous trust! We pray for better days and hope to get back on track very soon!

Sending you all the love and support.

Until we meet again, take care of yourself and stay vivacious, always!

Much Love,


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